Tinted Roof For Our Pioneer 1000-5! Super ATV Full Roof Install


We wanted to add some protection from the elements on our Custom Pioneer 1000-5 prize vehicle, so we went with the Super ATV tinted full roof!   Not only will this roof help keep us and our passengers dry, it’ll also protect us from debris out on the trail.  And when we’re using the bed for hauling wood rather than passengers, it’ll keep that dry and protected from the elements too!    The fact that its tinted and not solid plastic allows for plenty of light to shine in and keeps everything nice and visible.  And, the tint helps keep us cool out in the blazing sun.

The roof is made from a tinted ¼” polycarbonate that comes in 2 pieces. Super ATV supplies seals for the roll cage so you don’t have that rubbing and rattling when your on the trails, like other roofs.  Installation is simple – just peal one side of the seal and stick it on the cage. This also seals up any spots that might let water leak in on you.

After the seals are all on, your’re set to attach the 2 roof pieces together with the supplied hardware – so grab a friend for an extra set of hands and ‘raise the roof’ into position. The hardware kit comes with sturdy Velcro straps that bolt to the roof and attach easily to the cage for a nice snug fit. This design also makes is easy to remove in no time at all.

As you can see, the Super ATV tinted roof looks great on Pioneer 1000-5. All you need is some basic hand tools and a bud to give you a hand. It’s a great, easy install, and a solid quality product.    This is a great addition to put on any ride to help keep you dry and safe out on the trail.

For more info on this tinted roof and other products to turn your side by side in to a real beast, go to SuperATV.com and check out their huge selection of parts and accessories!


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