SuperATV Intimidator Tires Rundown

The SuperATV Intimidator tires are available in sizes ranging from 26.5″ x 10″ on a 14 inch rim, all the way up to an astounding 40″ x 10.5″ on a 20 inch rim! That’s some serious pulling power through the tough stuff.  SuperATV says these are the smoothest, most versatile mud tire on the market. And they’re not wrong. We’ve got 34″ Intimidator tires on our custom RS1 prize vehicle right now – and they’re not only insanely capable offroad, they’re surprisingly smooth on pavement and gravel compared to other mud tires that we’ve tried.

polaris rs1 superatv intimidator tires

Featuring 2 inches of shoulder tread and 6 ply construction, these monsters are durable enough to guard against just about any type of terrain you want to tackle.

The side lugs work wonders when you’re pushing through the sticky stuff – they act like mini-paddles and propel you through the mud like nothing we’ve ever seen. This, combined with a super aggressive tread pattern means they’re equally at home in the slop, and on the rocks.



polaris rs1 superatv intimidator tires


If you’re heading out on the trail and need to know that you’ll be able to get through anything you come across, SuperATV Intimidators are truly the best out there, in our opinion. That’s why we chose them for our custom RS1, and we couldn’t be happier.


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polaris rs1 superatv intimidator tires




➡️ You can WIN this RS1 and other awesome side-by-side builds!

This Ultimate Trail Rig Features:
✅ Industry-first Super ATV RS1 4″ Portal lift – the only true player in portals on the market!
✅ Custom Wheels & Massive 34″ SuperATV Intimidator Tires
✅ First RS1 in the WORLD with 4″ Portals & 34″ Tires
✅ Custom engraved door panels, windshield, & roof from Double Ott UTVA – THIS is how the RS1 should have looked from the factory!
✅ Industry-leading Walker Evans needle shocks with 16-position adjustable clickers
✅ On-demand AWD & fully independent suspension

Don’t miss your chance to make it yours – grab our Bag O’ Tees and claim your entries now!

More Info on SuperATV Intimidators:

More Info on Double OTT UTVA Custom Body Panels:

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polaris rs1 superatv intimidator tires

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