Super ATV Gen-3 Portal Gear Lifts are HERE!

Super ATV Gen 3 Portals

Super ATV just announced the release of their Gen 3 Portals, with new design features and options that make them even better!  Super ATV made the portals to fit everybody’s riding style by giving you new gear reduction choices and housing material options. Plus, they made them stronger and better than the previous Gen 2 version.

Gear reduction options:

4” Portals now come in either 15% or 30% gear reduction.

The 15% is perfect for machines running 32” or smaller tires. This gives you the torque you need without sacrificing your top-end speed.  After installing multiple sets with varying gear reductions, we think that the 15% reduction is the best all around option for general riding.

The 30% gear reduction is what you want when you need that extra torque for serious mud riding and rock crawling.   They are good for a wide range of terrain, and if you’re hitting some serious trails, the 30% portal units give you that extra low-speed agility to conquer most any obstacle in your path.

The 6” Portals now come in 30% or 45% gear reduction.

30% is a great choice for those looking to run around a 38” tire and want a nice lift & great trail-riding ability on your ride.  The 45% is for the huge tire with a big lift guys that want that low-down torque to get you through anything! You’ll sacrifice significant top-speed ability with this gear reduction ratio, but that’s less of a concern for those whose main goal on the trail is to get through the seriously tough stuff.

The 8” are currently available in a 45% gear reduction. But let’s be honest – if you’re going that big, do you want anything less? The 8” portals are insane, both in their lift and their strength, and they have the same upgrades that come standard inside all Gen 3 portals.


On all Gen-3 portals, the internal gears have been upgraded to 9310 steel alloy. This stuff is aircraft-grade quality, so you know it’s about as strong as you can get.  The housings are now available in billet aluminum for even more strength, and the seals are upgraded to match the 8” design. With the gears fully sealed to the housing, there’s no longer any worries of losing gear oil if your axles are damaged.

As always, Super ATV is stepping up the game and making an already great product even better!  Make sure you go check them out for more info on the Gen 3 portals and all the other great products available for your UTV.


billet super atv portal gear lift

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