Super ATV 4″ Portal Installation Review: RZR RS1


For our current epic prize giveaway, Ultimate Trail Giveaway 07, We took this stock RZR RS1 and transformed it into the Custom Mudding, Rock crawling & Trail machine it was meant to be.

This custom lifted RZR RS1 now features a 4” portal gear lift from Super ATV. These 4” portals gives us a 30% gear reduction at each wheel, which means that we can run our 34” Intimidator tires through the deep mud with ease.   With the added ground clearance from the portal gear lift, it took us from 13” to 20”.   This is great for rock crawling. mudding, or anything you can throw at it!    In addition, the 30% gear reduction means that there is no more stress on the drivetrain than if we had the stock tires on.


The installation of these SuperATV portals on our Custom RS1 went surprisingly smooth.  All of the parts fit very well, and assembly of the mounting plates to the portals was a piece of cake.   To help the installation go as smooth as possible, SuperATV supplies all of the items you need for a complete install – including heavy duty 5/16” Mounting plates with 10.9 grade hardware, and extended braided steel brake lines to account for the increase in lift.  Plus, the new Slotted brake rotors that come with the kit and are designed to fit multiple bolt patterns (4/156, 4/137, 4/115 & 4/110).  Choosing your bolt pattern is easy – just grab the supplied studs and press them in for your application!



The cases of the Super ATV portal gear units are made from a solid block of CNC machined aluminum.  Inside, they have a 40mm hardened 4340 steel output shaft, chromium titanium gears and high quality automotive grade bearings.   These portals are built so strong, they have a lifetime warranty!   They come in lift heights of 4”, 6” & 8”,  and fit a huge selection of vehicles.  Plus,  they are made right here in the U.S.A!




You can tell Super ATV really went all-out engineering their portal lifts to make sure they hold up to whatever situation you’re in.  If you are looking to throw a lift and some big meaty tires on your ride, and don’t want to worry about loss of power and breaking stuff, these are a great way to go!

rs1 giveaway


Check out the write-up we did on the Intimidator tires you see on this machine!


➡️ You can WIN this RS1 and other awesome side-by-side builds!

This Ultimate Trail Rig Features:
✅ Industry-first Super ATV RS1 4″ Portal lift – the only true player in portals on the market!
✅ Custom Wheels & Massive 34″ SuperATV Intimidator Tires
✅ First RS1 in the WORLD with 4″ Portals & 34″ Tires
✅ Custom engraved door panels, windshield, & roof from Double Ott UTVA – THIS is how the RS1 should have looked from the factory!
✅ Industry-leading Walker Evans needle shocks with 16-position adjustable clickers
✅ On-demand AWD & fully independent suspension

Don’t miss your chance to make it yours – grab our Bag O’ Tees and claim your entries now!

More Info on SuperATV Portal Lifts:

More Info on Double OTT UTVA Custom Body Panels:



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