Super ATV 3″ Lift Install: Pioneer 1000-5


Want to see how our Pioneer 1000-5 Grand Prize vehicle was built? Today on Powersport Freaks TV, we start the build by installing the Super ATV 3″ lift.  This is a great kit that gives you the extra clearance you need to get over obstacles on any terrain. You can also up your tire size to 28” for even more ground clearance!


super atv 3" lift install - pioneer 1000-5


The quality of this lift kit is great and it is a steal at under $200. For the added 3” of lift with this set up you will not be disappointed!



The Super ATV kits comes with black powder coated brackets for the front and rear, CNC machined aluminum spacers for the front shocks and high grade hardware. And Like all Super ATV Lifts they are proudly made right here in the U.S.A.



The instructions provided with the kit make the install extremely easy and and the fitment of the parts is perfect. We had no issues installing this on our 2018 Pioneer 1000-5 prize vehicle. It can be done in very little time at home with basic hand tools. A spring compressor to put the spacers on the front shocks is the only thing you would have to rent if you don’t have one available.  These are readily available at your local auto parts store.



For more info on this 3” lift and other products to turn your side by side in to a real beast go to and check out their huge selection of parts and accessories!


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Make sure you stay tuned because we have a whole series on this custom Pioneer 1000-5 prize vehicle build coming at you.

We turned this stock Pioneer 1000 into the ultimate trail rig! Want to see what it looks like NOW?  Check it out here:


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One thought on “Super ATV 3″ Lift Install: Pioneer 1000-5”

  1. Sorry, maybe I missed it, but does this kit not require 1″ spacers when running stock wheels?
    Did you guys add them front and back?

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