Polaris Sportsman 570 Hunter Edition ATV Hill Descent Review


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Polaris Sportsman 570 Hunter Edition ATV Hill Descent Review

We take a closer look at the Active Descent Control on our Polaris Sportsman 570 Hunter Edition ATV! This is an awesome feature that gives you complete control over your ATV when descending steep hills. Also known as hill descent, or engine braking (EBS). We found the steepest hill in our back yard and tried it both ways – without ADC activated, and then with ADC activated. The difference is crazy! There’s a side-by-side shot in this video too, so you can see how much braking is needed when ADC is not activated. When it’s active, zero braking is needed at all.

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Hey everybody it’s the Powersport Freaks guys, and today we’re going to show you what active hill descent control looks like on a Sportsman 570 Hunter Edition ATV!  So let’s go!  It’s kinda hard to tell on camera but we’ve got a 45 degree drop, then it levels out, then there’s another 45 degree drop down at the bottom.  Now we’re going to show you what it looks like going down the hill without hill descent, and I suspect Nick’s going to have to hold the brakes all the way down the hill.  Now Nick’s going back up, and we’ll try it again with active descent control.  Alright, now Nick’s going to try it with active hill descent, and the theory is that he doesn’t have to hold the brakes at all – it just controls itself going down the hill.  As you can tell by that demonstration, the hill descent makes a big difference in this type of situation.


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