P1 AquaX Racing

P1 AquaX Racing

P1 AquaX Racing was first launched in 2012 as a series by sports promoter Powerboat P1 in the UK. It progressed from there, drawing a wide range of racers of various skill levels. 2013 was the first time that the series was introduced in the US. It was so popular that the original format had to be revamped to deal with the level of interest. The popularity of P1 AquaX Racing in the US had grown by 2015 with over 400 registered entries from 11 different countries from around the world.

A third series, the European AquaX Pro Championship, was created in 2017. This series allowed a world champion to be crowned, American racer Brian Baldwin.

P1 AquaCross
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Enduro is one of the categories that comprises the series. The personal watercraft that Enduro uses separates it from the Sprint category. Sit down PWC is what the Enduro class uses and must remain in stock form with minor handling modifications. There is a further breakdown of each category by the type of horsepower that the PWC uses. There is also a delineation between Pro and Amateur. The horsepower classification 300hp and 200hp races take place on the coast, on lakes and rivers.

The tracks that comprise the race are large and the races are 30 minutes long. Enduro is a test of endurance and preparation. A racer has to be in top physical form and they, like motocross racers, have to have a good solid PWC.

The second class of P1 AquaX Racing, is Sprint. Sprint is centered around Stand-Ups. They use the original Jet Ski and the single seaters such as the Sea-Doo Spark. Sprint race courses are smaller than Enduro courses and are placed within the surf line. This creates a tough ride even for the most experienced racer. In the Sprint course, minor modifications on the engine are allowed to make the race more affordable. Sprint races are shorter and require speed and agility to win.

2018 Racing Season

As the 2018 racing season is a few months away, the updated rules have changed some aspects of both Enduro and Sprint. According to P1 AquaX Racing, in the AX54 Handling Euro Classes for Enduro, the seat must remain stock with covers possibly after market. The OEM seat height requirements must not be changed plus or minus 12.7mm (0.5in). No extra air intake will be allowed this year. Also the 2018 Sea-Doo RXTX must keep the removable rear seat in situ. while racing. This rule was instated due to safety issues since there is no back protection.

AX57 Engine-Four-Stroke Enduro Classes rule changes allows value retainers permitted for Pro. Engine covers must stay in situ. in all classes.

AX59 Ignition and Electronics rules keep the speed limit for (Am) 300 class and the (Am) 200 class. But reflashed ECUs will be permitted.

Ax2 Class Structure is eliminating the 250hp class due to lack of interest.

Lastly, is the change to the World Rankings. The Rankings are based on two years of racing with the first 12 months of the series holding more importance than the last 12 months. What affects the point system is the level of race class and the Pro or Am category, how many ranked AX World Ranked racers in the race, water conditions, number of riders in the race and where the racer finishes.

Over 250 riders have appeared in the AquaX World Rankings.

World Ranking

As the series stands now, the World Ranked #1 rider is #46 Chris MacClugage (USA). MacClugage is the 2017 Pro Champion. In the 300 class (Am), the Champion is #710 Cody Tetreault and the 200 class Champion (Am) is #123 Eric Diaz.

The former World Champion in Pro, Brian Baldwin, left a hard act to follow with a drama-fueled series. Daytona was the most tension filled. He lost all his points in the first round but came back to win the 300 class.

The AquaX USA Sprint Champions are: Ski Champion #51 David Cabrera, Sport Champion #13 Sam Nehme, Spark Champion #1 Eric Gabryel and Junior Champion #296 Haden Skellet.

Miami will be the start of the US 2018 series on April 21. This season will determine if Chris MacClugage, riding a Yamaha GP1800, will take the World Championship. It will also determine who wins in the different categories for Sprint as well. This season should prove interesting!


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