The NEW 2018 Artic Cat Wildcat XX

2018 Artic Cat Wildcat XX

Textron Inc. has merged with Artic Cat and is now Textron Off-Road. Arctic Cat, however, will still have their name on future products. Although the Arctic Cat Wildcat XX has been showcased at expos last year, the first roll out of the Wildcat XX has yet to be seen. Textron has said that the Wildcat XX will be released sometime this year.


The Wildcat XX is still the most anticipated UTV coming out. With some brand new features that were inspired by Robby Gordon, the 7 time SCORE #1 Plates’ winner in off-roading racing, the XX will be worth the wait. From the engine to electrical systems the Wildcat XX is different from the Wildcat RG Pro. For starters, the Wildcat XX’s engine has changed from the Suzuki 177hp 1100cc TEC-4 engine to the Yamaha 998cc engine.

It may seem like this engine is going backwards but Yamaha offered Arctic Cat some benefits that seemed to offset the horsepower discrepancy. Arctic Cat changed their chassis on the 2012 models and the Suzuki TEC-4 engine was found to have some limitations. When their contract was up, Artic Cat decided to instead go with the Yamaha 998cc engine. Why? The Suzuki turbo charged didn’t have the smooth transition from natural aspiration to boost and the feel of the engine was more difficult to control. It also caused more stress to the chassis.

Even though the Yamaha engine seems to put out less horsepower, they actually don’t on the turbo factory unit. Because the turbo charged kit can put a lot of stress on that new chassis, Yamaha worked the engine so that it puts less stress on the chassis. They only guarantee this at 180hp. The Yamaha 998cc engine actually can put out about a little over 215hp but Yamaha engineers will only guarantee 180hp. The factory turbo unit will be a bolt-on accessory. So you are getting more bang for the buck with this engine.

In addition, the oil pump is also interesting. It delivers oil to multiple areas like the pistons and the turbo system at the same time which means your engine durability and power will increase. The engine is connected to a TEAM Rapid Response CVT transmission which is what helps keep the chassis stress down.

On the Wildcat XX, there is an external alternator system and the radiator has been relocated to the front. No worries though, because it has been tucked up out of harm’s way from debris causing damage to it.

There are also lots of electrical accessories on this model. It’s prewired for LED lights, LED whips, audio systems, intercom and radios and there are also USB ports available.

This Wildcat XX also has Robby Gordon’s RG PRO trailing arm suspension from the Wildcat RG Pro model. This suspension system uses a V-shaped trailing arm and dual front pivot mounts with no radius rods. On the front, a dual A-arm suspension with lower A-arm mounted shocks and front mounted steering makes the ride a lot more controlled. The XX also has large coil covers and dual-rate springs with efficient valving.

The cage system has an aesthetically pleasing stock unit that has 1.75” diameter main tubes and a similar V-shaped intrusion bar at the front. It also has a full body-width top with a center support bar and a cross-bracing behind the seats.

The Wildcat XX has double-shear mounting points for almost all of it suspension links. The Wildcat RG Pro used single-shear mounting points. The double-shear mounting points increase the strength and durability of the suspension.

The steering rack has been moved to the front of the axle centerline. This gets rid of a lot of the bump steer by decreasing the tire’s leverage on the tie rod and steering rack assembly. The only drawback is that it has less Ackerman where the inside wheel turns tighter and pulls through full lock turns.

The mounting shocks are King Racing 2.5 Piggyback Shocks. They are on the lower A-arm instead of the upper. This decreases the aggressive shock angle and makes it so that it is unnecessary to poke shock towers out of the top of the hood. The result is a better quality ride.

To extend the A-arms and axle shaft length the wheel offset way was brought in and still fits in the 64” class specs. This allows for decreased CV joints’ angle which increases lifespan and performance. It also protects from mud and debris.

The new suspension system has front and rear sway bars and some rather impressive components than the base Wildcat. It also has a full tube-frame chassis that is similar to a race car. The wheel well is 102” and the fender can now accommodate 32” tires. The XX has 15” KMC wheels and 30x10xR15 EFX Moto Hammer tires.

A few extras include the new bed that has room for a 30” spare tire laid flat and has a full deep pocket bed with tie down points. Seatbelt options are available on the XX with Speed Four-Point or IMMI Click-6 harnesses not just the three point belt. Tilt steering and digital dash finish the interior. The XX also comes in grey/black and lime green/black.

The new Wildcat XX will definitely be the talk of UTV owners when it emerges from production if Textron is on track to release it.

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