World’s Craziest ATV! The Mini Ripsaw From Howe & Howe Technologies

World’s Craziest ATV

If you are an avid ATV enthusiast who is always looking for cool mods and the newest models, you’re going to love this.  What you’re about to see is crazy, to say the least!

Howe And Howe Technologies introduces the Mini Ripsaw ATV.

mini-ripsaw atv
This. Thing. Is. Sick.

They say boys love their toys, but this is a whole new level. Who would’ve thought someone would bring a mini-tank to market for fun. Well, they did in the form of the Mini-Ripsaw ATV. Best part is, it’s available to the public in limited production.  Of course, that also means expensive.   If you can shell out some cash, then one of these bad boys can be yours. Currently, they’re producing the EV2 which is a mini-tank in itself, but we’re sure they can build whatever you need. Check out their website here.

Snow, rock, dirt, water, mud, or any kind of terrain you throw at it isn’t a challenge for the Mini-Ripsaw ATV. I will say, this isn’t a toy for the speed-devils, as you can only go so fast. It is built out of a tube-chassis, so while it’s lightweight, ripsaws have a hindrance on top speed. They’re known for being twice as fast as any tank, but that’s not saying much.

Here’s some fun facts about the Mini-Rip:

  • The Mini Ripsaw ATV shares a proprietary clutch design with its Ripsaw big brothers. The clutches are actually hydraulically actuated disc brakes that allow power to be controlled electronically through a computer-controlled steering system. It gives razor-sharp handling and an inexpensive open-clutch design.
  • The Mini-Rip was based off of the 2009 Polaris Sportsman 850 XP and is equipped with a 70 HP V-twin.
  • This particular model has active descent control.  Blend that tech with the ripsaw and you have a beast.
  • They run a muffler-free system that exits through an H&H logo on the back.
  • There is no mechanical steering linkage, instead the stem is hooked to a sensor that determines which direction the steering bar is turned. Turn the bar slightly to the right and the clutching system slows down the right track while the left track continues at full speed, which causes the machine to pull to the right. Turn the bar lightly to the left and it brakes the opposite track, causing the machine to pull to the left. If you turn the bar hard, the Mini Rip will literally stop one of the tracks instantly and turn on a dime.

We give thanks to the Howe brothers, Geoff and Mike for this wonderful creation. They truly are the Einsteins of tracked vehicles. Their HQ is in Waterboro, Maine and they have a 50,000 sq ft shop. Their show on the discovery channel was a hit, titled “Howe and Howe Technologies”. They didn’t just stop at the Mini-Ripsaw ATV, though. They created a rip-chair. Now, people in wheelchairs can traverse rough terrain. Along with that, they’ve developed the luxury super tank EV2, Thermite, and the Bulldog fire truck. The crew at H&H spends most of their time devising new plans to experiment with and playing in “the pit” which if you’ve seen the show, you’d know is a plot of land with hills, crashed cars, a shooting range, and a big section of bottomless swamp. In this said swamp, a Jeep with 44-inch tires had to be winched out, but amazingly the Mini-Rip glides right over it. Check pic below.

ripsaw atv
Credits to: ATV Rider Magazine

Imagine the beauty of riding an ATV that turns on the stop of a dime and doesn’t get stuck. Add a 70 HP V-twin to that and you’re having a good time anywhere, anytime. The real question, is, can anyone break this thing or get it stuck? Where would you take it to challenge its abilities? Post in the comments below, PSFers!

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  1. I’ve worked in mining for over 50 years. (retired now) I can’t tell you how many 4×4 vehicles we have flogged and still had to walk miles to get to our target. A small, inexpensive vehicle capable of carrying two and sufficient room for full core boxes or samples would be ideal. Some of the drilling companies have already adapted tank frames to their drill platforms

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