The Seats Fold Up?? Honda Pioneer 1000-5 Convertible Seating


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Pioneer 1000-5 Folding Seats

We figured it was about time to see what these convertible seats were all about. Follow along as we figure out how this Honda Pioneer 1000-5 Deluxe UTV seats five!

This side by side has an awesome feature – the dump bed (which in itself is sick) converts in to additional seating for friends and family – which means that you can fit 5 people comfortably in this machine. This dual-purpose feature really saves space, and makes for a compact vehicle that’s just as capable doing work on the farm as it is taking your friends to the next fishing hole.

The dump bed holds up to 1000 pounds and is hydraulically assisted, so with one-handed operation it flips up to dump out anything you’ve got loaded – firewood, rocks, soil, your latest hunting score, just about anything! And when you’re done working, the sides of the dump bed become the passenger doors, and hidden rumble seats simply fold up! This creates an extra two seats with seatbelts on this versatile Pioneer ATV. It’s an awesome space-saving solution that not many other manufacturers are doing yet!

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Hey everybody it’s the Powersport Freaks guys, and we are here as the sun is setting to show you what a Pioneer 1000-5 looks like as far
as the dump bed converting into passenger seating – which is the coolest feature I think this thing has.  From a completely functioning hydraulically assisted dump bed, to additional seating for two more people, turning it from an every day piece of work equipment into a fun, family recreational machine. Your tailgate opens up like such… Just in time to empty it out, one hand, easy operation, hydraulic assist, look at that!  That’s awesome! Whatever was in there, is now out of there!  Alright, and just like that the side of your
bed becomes your rear passenger door!  The floor of your bed now folds up and locks into place.  Your rear lumbar support folds down, clamps in at the bottom, and just like that you’ve got a passenger seat.  Just like that you’ve got TWO passenger seats! Easy.  30-second conversion turns it from utility equipment into a recreational family-fun passenger vehicle. Pretty cool, right? This is a cool feature that the Pioneer has that I don’t think any other side by side has. So you can go out on the farm, on the trail, do your work, and when you’re done with the work go get your family and go have some fun together.  That’s what puts the FIVE in the Pioneer 1000 FIVE. Signing out from Powersport Freaks! Peace!


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