Backyard Dirt Track WIN! Home-Built Motocross & ATV Track

backyard ATV track

Backyard ATV Track

Do you ever wish you have access to a backyard race track for your ATV or dirt bike?  We know we do!  These guys have done it.  The video description on this ATV track is minimal on the details.  However it appears that these guys have fully committed to turning their back yard into a powersport lover’s dream.

We’re not sure where they’re located, as the ground seems to be 90% sand and not dirt.  With a little planning and creativity though, it’s possible to make a track anywhere!  It must be fun to walk out of your house in the morning, hop on your bike or quad, and go for a rip around your home-built ATV track.

This video has some great camera shots too, it’s not all just the same old helmet-mounted GoPro footage we’re all too familiar with.  These guys put some thought into camera angles and the results are great.  You really get a feel for how much fun it is.  We’d like to see how they made it though – did they tear out a pefectly groomed lawn to do this?   Or did they just take advantage of the sandy environment that was already there?

Either way, this looks like a mountain of fun!  You tell us – what would you need to do in order to build one of these in your back yard?  Money?  Time?  Permission from the significant other?  Do you already have something like this?  Drop us an email, we want to see!  Check out the video below and let us know what you think about this backyard ATV track.  After watching the video, we’re about to go start building one of our own!

This video is full of win, but just in case you’re looking for something a bit more painful, check out these ATV Mud Fails!

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