General Maintenance For Your UTV

General Maintenance For Your UTV

A UTV can be a lot of fun to own. Unlike a car though, it requires more maintenance to keep it performing at the optimal level. Below are some general maintenance tips so that your maintenance schedule goes smoothly.

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Checking and Changing the Engine Oil

Engines need lubricant to keep the moving parts within them. So it’s important to keep the oil in your UTV checked on a routine schedule. Find your UTV’s oil filler cap and using a dipstick see what oil level you are at before going out on a ride. Check your owner’s manual to ensure you have the right levels before filling up or changing the oil.

To change the oil in your UTV, park it on a flat surface first. Locate and remove the old engine oil by first removing the drain plug found underneath the UTV. Make sure you have a drain pan underneath the removed plug before draining the oil. Once you have removed all the old oil, put it in a container to take to a recycling center. DO NOT DUMP THE OIL SOMEWHERE ELSE INSTEAD! It can be toxic to animals and young children and if you live out in rural areas it can contaminate well water.

Because you’ve already drained your oil, it would be a good idea to replace your oil filter as well. Procedures vary so check your owner’s manual to see where it is located on your UTV.

Replace the drain plug and remove the oil fill cap to pour fresh oil. Make sure you check your owner’s manual for what specific oil you need to use. Check your oil levels before replacing the oil fill cap and then let your  UTV run for a few seconds to allow the oil to circulate throughout the engine. Then turn the UTV off.   Double-check your oil level, add if necessary, and finally fire up the engine one more time and let it idle. Then you are ready to ride!

Oil Filter

It is important that when you schedule maintenance that your oil filter gets some attention especially when you change your oil. The filter keeps debris from getting into your engine and either impede your engine’s performance or damage your engine completely.

Use your owner’s manual to locate where your oil filter is at. Remove the oil filter. A common oil filter on UTVs is a type called “spin-on”. Make sure you get the exact kind your UTV requires. Then for a good seal when replacing the old oil filter with a new one, lubricate the new filter’s O-ring with a small amount of engine oil. Install the new filter and you’re set!

Air Filter

Internal combustion engines require both air and fuel in order to function properly. Air filters do for the air what oil filters do for the oil. They filter out dust and debris that can get up into the engine cavity from use. Even a small amount of debris can get sucked into the engine and damage it.

So first locate the air box on your UTV. You’ll again need to consult your owner’s manual to see where the air box is located on your model. Clean around the filter housing so that when you remove the filter you aren’t dropping that debris down into the air intake. The air filter sits directly inside the air box.

Remove the filter. Make sure what type of air filter your UTV requires. If it is not a paper filter, it will need to be oiled. Again, always refer to your owner’s manual to see what type you need. Also refer to the manual for any additional steps you might need to take to install a new filter, if needs to be oiled.

Carefully install the new paper or oiled filter. It may be a good idea to clean around the air box again before reinstalling the filter. This keeps any debris from getting onto the clean filter. Double check the sealing around the surfaces and filter retainers.

Replace the air box lid or cover and you are ready to ride.

Remember that routine maintenance, although a hassle, is a lot easier than having to take your UTV in for repairs. So keep a log on your phone with alerts when you need to do your general maintenance and keep to your schedule!

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