Freestyle Jetski Competition – IJSBA World Finals Pro Freestyle

IJSBA World Finals Pro Freestyle

Every year, the IJSBA oversees the world finals for personal watercraft. This specific video pertains to freestyle Jetski competition. What is freestyle? Freestyle events are intended to show a rider’s skill and expertise in executing difficult, challenging and creative maneuvers within a set period of time. There is a two minute time limit and the winner is determined by a panel of judges.

Freestyle Jetski might be a little different than what you’re used to. The main difference is driving position. In a Waverunner, you ride while sitting down. In a freestyle Jetski, you ride while standing up. Enthusiasts usually call Waverunners “couches”. They say, bring your stand-up ski for fun and some challenge and leave the “couch” at home for the wife/kids. The stand-up allows you to do flips, turns, jumps, and all kinds of cool tricks. The only downfall is that it’s much slower than a waverunner (for the speed devils). The lack of speed, though, doesn’t take away from the experience as it’s a whole new ball game.

The pros that compete in the IJSBA World Finals seem to be from another planet. These guys really do some epic tricks during this freestyle Jetski competition. Check the video below for the full compilation. Here’s a bit of what went down in round one.

Here we have Derrick Kemnitz who came in 6th with a score of 44.22.

freestyle jetski competition

He starts with a couple of side 360s, adds in two backflips, and finishes with a 360 no hands. He currently rides for Team Hurricane. He’s one of the three selected for US for PWC Freestyle. His clip comes in at 2:33. Not too shabby.

freestyle jetski competition

In 3rd place, we have Rashid Ali Al Mulla with a score of 45.45 and he shreds. He’s a risk-taker and does well in competitions but ultimately fell at the end of his ride which affected his score. He adds some serious flair to his side flips and often prefers to land his back flips with one leg. Well done, Rashid! He currently rides for the UAE Water Bike team. He comes in at 3:03.

freestyle jetski competition
“Got Air Bro?”

This next competitor is extremely talented. He works to show his finesse and ability to get some serious air on his rides. Naoya Hamanaka comes in with a score of 46.1 in 2nd place in this freestyle Jetski competition. He starts out his ride with three back flips right out the bat. Not only that, but he’s got amazing control over his ski and propels himself straight upward for some big air. The rest of his ride has side 360s and another back flip or two, where he shows his finesse in his execution He comes in at 3:29.

freestyle jetski competition
“lol what competition???”

Defending World Champion Lee Stone comes in at 1st place with a score of 47.35. Every one of his flips has flair and balance. He shows his epic control in his opening combo. Back flip- Side 360- Side 360 reversal – Backflip. This combo was connected, controlled, and finessed. He’s not shy and shows exactly why he’s champ material at this freestyle Jetski competition.

The shenanigans continue throughout round 2 and Lee Stone absolutely kills it. Round 1 was play time and he kicks it up a notch. Ultimately, he wins the competition and wins yet another championship. Lee stone is from the UK and rides for Team Xscream. I recommend you watch the full video as there’s too many gnarly tricks to discuss. So, PSFers, you willing to ride a stand-up ski or are you a “couch” kind-of guy?

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