Exciting 2018 Monster Energy Ama Supercross Season So Far

Exciting 2018 Monster Energy Ama Supercross Season So Far

This year’s Monster Energy AMA Supercross season has been as unpredictable as ever, beginning with the 450 SX Eli Tomac’s 22nd finish and Jason Anderson taking first. Anaheim 1 was unusual in that Ryan Dungey, now retired, wasn’t competing and some of the most prominent like Tomac and Ken Roczen didn’t finish in the top three. Marvin Musquin beat both Jason Anderson, who came in second, and Justin Barcia in third. Ken Roczen did come in fourth but not the best showing by this Supercross veteran.

Houston, TX was even more dramatic with some of Supercross’s famous faces taken down before the main event. Marvin Musquin and Eli Tomac ended up with shoulder injuries that kept them out of finishing the main event. Musquin took a tumble after trying to pass Malcolm “Mookie” Stewart in the second series. Tomac went down in that series as well. It was unclear as to whether either would compete at Glendale. Meanwhile, at the podium, Jason Anderson got his first win of the season and Ken Roczen placed better than Anaheim at second. Justin Barcia always a bridesmaid and never a bride came in at third.


Anaheim 2 was the first in Supercross history to have three main events that were scored similar to Olympic scoring. It also allowed for the 250 SX to be included. Although most in the Supercross world loved the new changes, the length of each race is still hotly contested. At the end of the day in the 450 SX Eli Tomac took the first place finish at the podium, Cole Steely took second and Jason Anderson took third. Justin Barcia and Ken Roczen both dropped down to 8th and 9th.

With Anaheim 2 and Houston behind them and Glendale, AZ commentators wondered if Tomac’s shoulder injury actually galvanized the rider, from a lackluster first couple of outings, to turn in a stunning first place finish in Anaheim 2. However, Eli Tomac, who took Glendale last season with rough first outings did not disappoint taking the first place win for the second time in two seasons. Jason Anderson, who many feel could take the title this year, finished fourth in a frustrating race behind Justin Barcia who scored a second place finish and Ken Roczen in third. As a result, the points’ game has been upended and Tomac is back in contention.

As Oakland, CA is upon us and a quarter of the races are almost over, what’s ahead for the 450 SX? Will Jason Anderson be able to keep Eli Tomac at bay or will Ken Roczen come up from behind with consistent racing to beat them both to the title? We may not know for sure until Las Vegas, NV the last leg of the season.

In terms of 250 SX racing, in Anaheim 1, Shane McElrath took first for the second year in a row. From the start of the race McElrath clearly was running away from the pack and kept that momentum throughout the race. Aaron Plessinger came in 2nd followed by Adam Cianciarulo in 3rd.

In Houston, though, Plessinger was in trouble at the start gate. He said that his suspension was being adjusted with little time left before the start of the race. This proved to be a distraction. However, he made up for the bad start by catching everyone in a few laps and overtaking to win the main event and the first place win. Joey Savatgy won 2nd place and Chase Sexton got third. Shane McElrath wasn’t far behind in fourth place.

Anaheim 2 definitely brought the drama as Joey Savatgy learned from his mistakes in Houston and wouldn’t let Aaron Plessinger pass him. He was able to finish in first place while Shane McElrath finished second and Christian Craig finished third. Plessinger didn’t manage this race to finish in the top three.

Then there was Glendale, AZ and Plessinger came roaring back like a lion to beat Shane McElrath for first place in a move that was controversial. Plessinger overall ran a good race and Shane McElrath came in second and Adam Cianciarulo third.

With Oakland, CA on the horizon and Plessinger doing the best he has ever raced thus far, both Joey Savatgy and Shane McElrath have some definite competition in the easy going racer.

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