Double OTT UTVA Custom Body Panels Review

Check out our review of Double OTT UTVA custom body panels!

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And today we’re taking a closer look at the tinted body panels from DoubleOTT UTVA, on our RS1 prize vehicle. These awesome panels are made from UV protected, 1/4″ thick poly carbonate. Not to be confused with Plexiglas, Poly carbonate material is virtually indestructible! It’s what they manufacture bulletproof teller windows and airplane windows out of!

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These panels are tinted all the way through the material – it’s not a tinted film. This helps protect you from the harsh sun out on the trail or in the mud, AND because they’re see-through, it allows you to see your front tires without opening your door. A must for rock crawling! All panels come with all of the necessary hardware you’ll need to install them, as well as full instructions. We’ve got a full set of panels on our RS1, including doors, half-windshield, and roof. Each one was custom engraved by Double OTT with the Powersport Freaks logo, which is super cool.

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The best part about the doors specifically is that they protect you from flying mud, rocks, and debris when you’re hammering down – which is especially useful on this RS1 with the huge tires we’ve got on this thing. So, if you’re heading out for a ride and need to know that you’ll be protected from whatever you might be slinging around, DoubleOTT UTVA’s custom panels are the best out there – and they’re available for a wide range of side by sides!

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✅ Custom Wheels & Massive 34″ SuperATV Intimidator Tires
✅ First RS1 in the WORLD with 4″ Portals & 34″ Tires
✅ Custom engraved door panels, windshield, & roof from Double Ott UTVA – THIS is how the RS1 should have looked from the factory!
✅ Industry-leading Walker Evans needle shocks with 16-position adjustable clickers
✅ On-demand AWD & fully independent suspension

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