Dirt Bike Fails

Us humans are known for achieving many great things – including failing. Often.  Dirt bikes are one of the many great things we’ve achieved. You hop on, start it up, and get going. You feel the wind in your face, the quick acceleration that gets your testosterone going, and then of course, that’s just not enough. We get comfortable and try things Evel Knievel would laugh at. Thus begins the accidents that we post on the interwebz for likes.

dirt bike fail

For example, let’s call this guy Mr. DumDum. In this still from the video below, Mr. DumDum eats it while trying to impress his riding buddy with a trick he saw on Youtube – a wheelie. I mean, Youtube can show you how to do anything, right? Who needs practice, anyways? Mr. DumDum comes in around 2:30, but you’ll want to watch the whole video because this compilation is epic.

Dirt bikes are fun, but also not the safest. Especially when you use them for purposes not intended. Like this guy here –

dirt bike fail

He obviously regretted this later. His riding buddy recorded him getting a couple love taps on the family jewels. Best part is, It’s in slow motion! This part comes in around 1:20.

Our absolute favorite is this guy – let’s call him King DumDum. Now, typically, when you attempt to go up a slope on a dirt bike, there’s usually a slope… right? King DumDum believes that dirt bike + wall = success. Unfortunately for him, he was very wrong. Fortunately for us, this attempt is also in slo-mo. This glorious clip comes in at 0:30.

All in all, we think this video sums up how NOT to ride a dirt bike. That being said, this could happen to anyone of us as we call ourselves “aficionados”.

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