Crazy Stunter Larry Enticer: Just Gonna Send It

Are You Silly? I’m Still Gonna Send It!

larry enticer drinking beer on couch

This guy is definitely a people-pleaser. If you haven’t heard of Larry Enticer, tune in because he’s hilarious and daring with a little bit of Knievel spirit. Oh, and you can’t leave out that glorious mullet.

He’s best known for being fully outfitted in denim, doing stunt jumps with his snowmobile and then eating it. For eating snow as much as he does, he sure has charisma. More importantly, balls of steel. After seeing some of his stunts, you’ll be asking yourself, how’d he get up after that one? Truly, Larry Enticer is a legend in the making.

Larry is a simple man and was born in an acreage outside of Toronto. Fortunately for us, he still resides there. He’s a mechanic, but when he’s not working, he turns into a modern day Bellerophon – his Pegasus being a 1979 Yamaha 340 Enticer. He shapes up snow hills to jump and pours gasoline into his cylinders. Ahh, feels like home.

Larry Enticer doesn’t like to keep things waiting, instead, he prefers to just send it.  As seen here:

larry enticer jumps fire with snowmobile

Growing up in rural Canada can be difficult. There’s not much to do, and not many people to see you doing anything in the first place. Super thanks to the internet for connecting us to this glorious stuntman.

When asked his secret to success, Larry clearly pointed out his mullet. Everyone one in the room, nodded out of respect. He didn’t think that his videos would become so popular and stated “It was just me and my friends f*cking around”. The growing popularity gave him the idea to attempt a world record jump. It went predictably like this:

larry enticer fails

He will try it again, he says.

Now let’s address the elephant in the room. What does the king of snow do when it melts? Glad you asked! Our mulleted denim-wearing stuntman does it all. In the hot summer months, he resorts to motos and scooter jumping. Here’s a couple of examples:

Yes, it says Donut King.

larry enticer on dirt bike

There are plenty of videos on the interwebs of Larry Enticer doing epically epic things with his snowmobile, among other vehicles. If you find yourself on that part of YouTube, just know you’re going to have a good day. The 21 year old snowmobile superstar is motivated more than ever to continue putting out videos of him and his trusty Enticer.

You may be thinking, well what does this legend eat? What does he drink?

Here, let us show you.

He eases his hunger with pizza freshly stored by his 79’ yamaha. Who says you can’t love a machine?

larry enticer cooks pizza on snowmobile

He quenches his thirst with good ol’ beer. Only difference is, legends open their beers with dirt bikes.

larry enticer opens beer on dirtbike tire

We feel that the powersports community and the interwebs are proud to call Larry one of our own – a true powersports fanatic who lives life simply and to the fullest capability. When faced with a tough question, simply respond as Larry would – “Are you silly? I’m still gonna send it!”. Unless it’s your boss who’s asking. I would answer that seriously. Besides that, in the words of Larry, “Another day, Another beer”. For full-on happiness, watch the video below. Would you let Larry ride your snowmobile/dirt bike/scooter if you saw him out and about?

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