We Went Thrashing On Some CT200U Coleman Mini Bikes!

Coleman Mini Bike Adventure – VIDEO BELOW!

We just picked up a couple of Coleman Mini Bikes from Amazon (http://amzn.to/2td4aLV)  and decided to take them for a test ride!  We dragged them out to the super-official PowersportFreaks.com test track to see what they’re capable of.   Read on to find out how they did!

The T200U is an awesome off-road mini trail bike – it’s affordable, reliable, and tough as nails.  We railed on these things for a few hours while making this video and they kept chugging right along.  Getting on one of these things instantly makes you feel like a kid again.  They’re small but still comfortable for a full-size adult.  The big balloon tires only need 5-10lbs of pressure, and do surprisingly well over most obstacles.  We dragged these Coleman mini bikes over rocks, through mud, and jumped them over hills, and they seemed to take it all in stride.

The motor is a 196cc power plant, and it provides a good amount of power for getting over most obstacles.  We saw 20mph easy, and over 30 once we unscrewed the speed limiter on the throttle.  The centrifugal clutch and single rear brake make for a bike almost anyone can ride easily.  The only thing to watch out for is making sure the rear wheel is adjusted straight.  Otherwise, you might have an issue with the chain falling off at speed.  It’s easy enough to adjust though, and we didn’t have any issues.

Trail Workhorses

From trails to fields, mud to rocks, we put these things through their paces.  Everything from high speed runs to low speed crawling.  They’re surprisingly stable at low speeds, even while going through rough terrain.  A hand holding the brake gently, while rolling on and off the throttle, helps a lot in controlling the mini bikes at low speeds.  If two guys like us can get these things screaming, you’ll have no problem pushing them through anything you can throw at them.

These Coleman mini bikes come in a box, but all you need to do to get riding is mount the front forks and front tire.  After filling with gas and oil, you’re ready to go.  As you can see from the video below, we had a grand old time.  What do you think?  Would you feel like a kid again on one of these things?

Pick up your own and show us what you can do with it!  Check them out HERE.

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  1. I just bought one of these thing’s and it is pretty unstable to the point of being downright dangerous, how can Coleman put their name on something like this?

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