A Closer Look at Chad Wienen & His Yamaha YFZ450R

A Closer Look at Chad Wienen & His Yamaha YFZ450R

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Chasing his sixth title in the AMA ATV MX series, Chad Wienen is expected to continue his reign into the 2017-18 season with his Yamaha YFZ450R. The 33-year-old from Galena, Illinois turned pro in 2006 and two years later won the AMA Pro Invitational Championship.

He won the Montreal Supercross Championship the following year and the DWT World Motocross title in 2010. He switched sponsorship after the 2011 season on the heels of a season ending injury. Now under Yamaha, Wienen went on to capture his first AMA ATV MX Championship and hasn’t slowed down since.

Forming Wienen Motorsports SSi Decals Walsh Yamaha team in 2011, Wienen has expanded the Motorsports brand and is hungry for another title.

Yamaha has unveiled its new YFZ450R specs which Wienen has expressed an eagerness to get his hands on. Let’s look at those specs.

The YFZ450R has a liquid cooled DOHC four stroke engine with five titanium valves. Yamaha is dominating the ATV market by being the sole company offering internal engine modifications. The slipper clutch has also been upgraded so that there is a light clutch pull. It comes standard on the YFZ450R model and the upside is the ability to interchange with older models.

The YFZ450R has also gained the Air Induction System which makes sure that fuel is completely burnt as it enters the exhaust. In closed course racing, this feature is removable.

There is also the change in the number of springs from six to only three. This allows for a smoother clutch in an operating ATV. It is also important to note that the performance from these adjustments prevents stalls, takes corners better and makes braking on inclines less prone to lock.

Another asset is the torque that the YFZ450R has and its maneuverability on race courses. The muffler doesn’t impede on racing as mufflers have in the past but racing teams, like Wienen’s, may opt for a lighter weight muffler during the racing season.

Wienen has to be excited about the body changes Yamaha made to the 2018 YFZ450R. At 6’3, Wienen, will find the new adjustments to the fenders accommodates taller riders and gives a more comfortable ride. The logo area was also modified so that racers could have room to display their sponsors. Lastly, these new changes mean a race team could take apart the body without tools in a short amount of time. That is an unexpected component added to the 2018 Yamaha model.

It is understandable why Wienen is chomping at the bit to test the 2018 YFZ450R!

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