Got a Flat on the Trail? Here’s How to Prepare.


Changing a Dirt Bike Flat on a Trail Ride

For all the adventure seekers who want to find their own lines and the excitement of difficult maneuvers on their dirtbike, and blazing the unknown, trail bike riding is for you. Trail riding is getting more and more popular and although there is much fun to be had, you also have to be prepared for complications. On any given day no one wants to have a flat tire. But trail riding complicates things a little more because you can be out in the middle of nowhere when you get a flat. We have put together a simple guide to help prepare you.

dirtbike flat tire fix
  1. Be Prepared – The most important thing is to have all the tools you need to make the tire change possible. It is good practice to double check at home that you have all the required items in your bag or tool pack, before you set off into your adventure ride. There’s nothing worse than not having the tools you need.
  1. Removing The Parts- The next part can be tricky so it’s important that you practice changing a dirtbike tire in the convenience of your own garage, so that you are prepared when you’re on the trails. Start removing the rear wheel, remove the axle nut, turn off the fuel, and lay the bike down so the axle head is facing up. Next get the chain off the sprocket and pull the wheel straight back.
  1. Tire & Tube- Next you’re going to start removing the tire, this can be tricky so it’s helpful to have a friend. Then once you remove the tire using the tire irons you have packed, take out the old tube. Insert the new tube into the tire.
  1. Reattaching Tire (IMPORTANT) – You then begin to start putting the tire back onto the rim. It is important that when you’re getting closer closer to having it fully installed, you pay extra attention to being precise. Let’s say the last 10% of getting it back on,  you need to make sure that you are applying enough pressure and doing it in small increments. You want to not pinch your only spare tube. Again, it is helpful to have a friend.
  1. Inflate Tire- The hard work is almost done and you can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel. When you start pumping your tire back up, it is important to make sure the tube is not trapped under the edges. If everything looks good, inflate her back up, and you’ll soon be good to go.
  1. Install- Lastly, put the wheel back on the same you removed it. Slip in the axle, stand up the bike, and install the chain adjuster plate and axle nut. CONGRATS! You did it.
dirtbike flat tire fix

No one likes to change a flat but it is part of the game. This is just a simple broken down version of what it takes to change a flat on the trail. The most important advice in this article is to be prepared. Make sure that you have the parts and tools you need to get the job done. Practice at home to make sure that you are capable of successfully changing the flat tire on your dirtbike. And when in doubt, there are a million YouTube videos out there that show you step by step how to change a flat on your dirtbike.

Trail riding brings excitement, skills, and lots of the unknown. Make sure you’re prepared for everything!

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