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Freestyle Jetski Competition – IJSBA World Finals Pro Freestyle

freestyle jetski competition

IJSBA World Finals Pro Freestyle Every year, the IJSBA oversees the world finals for personal watercraft. This specific video pertains to freestyle Jetski competition. What is freestyle? Freestyle events are intended to show a rider’s skill and expertise in executing difficult, challenging and creative maneuvers within a set period of time. There is a two […]

Crazy Stunter Larry Enticer: Just Gonna Send It

larry enticer sitting on snowmobile

Are You Silly? I’m Still Gonna Send It! This guy is definitely a people-pleaser. If you haven’t heard of Larry Enticer, tune in because he’s hilarious and daring with a little bit of Knievel spirit. Oh, and you can’t leave out that glorious mullet. He’s best known for being fully outfitted in denim, doing stunt […]

Enduro Motocross Racing the Back Alleys of Portugal with Jonny Walker

johny walker enduro mx

Enduro Motocross Mayhem The Extreme Lagares in Portugal is famous for it’s winding, torturous prologue through the streets of downtown Porto in Portugal.  Enduro motocross racers speed through narrow cobblestone streets and traverse up steep alleyways throughout the event.  Porto’s many steep staircases are another obstacle that the riders must contend with.  All the while, cheered […]

The DOONIES 3 – Insane Powersports Action


The DOONIES 3 – Insane Powersports Action We have to say, this is the most awesome display of powersports horsepower you may ever witness in your lifetime!  Filmed in the Glamis Sand Dunes of California, theres nothing NOT to like, and there’s almost every type of adrenaline-inspiring vehicle within this video.  Dirt bikes, monster trucks, […]