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Best Motocross Gear Guide

All of us have either owned, will own, or have thought about owning a dirt bike. Recreational riding will be our main use, but you’ll still want to be protected. And for the few who want to get serious, there’s specific gear that you’ll need. Luckily for you, we know just what the experts use. The gear we’ve listed below will not only keep you safe, but comfortable and dry. The items listed in this guide of the best motocross gear is tried and true, and are the best investment for your professional riding journey. We’ll include links to the products below.

Base Layers

Since this is the first layer, you’ll want something that gives you protection but can also stay cool. If you pick the wrong garments, you’ll be hot and uncomfortable, which will hinder your ride performance.

Virus Stay Cool Compression Shirt – It’s $39 and has great reviews. Virus claims that jade, their infused material, reduces skin temperature by up to 10 degrees. The minimal design makes it feel like it’s not even there and it’s also moisture wicking, so it absorbs sweat efficiently. Check them out here.

motocross compression shirt

Troy Lee Designs Protection Shorts – The great thing about these shorts is that they’re not only compression shorts with moisture wick technology, but they also have shock doctor technology. This helps to disperse energy throughout the surface area in case of an accident. They also have tailbone protection, and are specifically designed to avoid chafing. These are around $80 and you can find them here.

padded motocross shorts

EVS Sports TUG Fusion Sock Combo – These are great because they’re not only socks, but a compression sleeve as well. They go up to about mid thigh and contain moisture wick technology to help keep you dry. The silicone band on the cuff keeps it snug and in place while riding. Find them here.


Protective Layers

These layers are an integral part of your gear. They keep you safe while riding and are proven to minimize injuries caused by accidents. You don’t want to skimp out on your budget here as these products could save your life.

Mobius X8 Knee Braces – These braces are lightweight and have a slim profile design. This helps with fitting into your boots and pants. The CCRS is the main reason these boots are so popular. A steel cord wraps around the back of your knee to keep the brace in place and supporting straps ensure you get the best fit. When fully bent, there’s full coverage and they’re CE approved. Not to mention, the foam is comfortable and they’re easily washable as well. Check it out here.

mobius x8 motocross knee braces

Troy Lee Designs CP 5900 Roost Deflector – This deflector comes lined with special foam to disperse energy away from the rider. It’s not a normal deflector – it’s also CE approved. It’s lined with mesh to allow heat to disperse, and has about 50 different configurations to make sure you get the best fit possible. It’s available in two colors and two different sizes. Clavicle, chest, and down along the back are all protected when wearing this piece. Check it out here.

troy lee motocross chest protector

Gaerne SG-12 Boots – Great boots help to prevent ankle injuries which are extremely common. Gaerne is only a boot company, so their R & D goes entirely into developing boots that work, which is what makes these the best in the business. It has a double-hinge design and blade system. This helps to limit range of movement. The memory cell foam makes them comfortable and adds support to the ankle area. For heat protection, they added a rubber area in the medial section, which also helps the feel of the ride. Accommodation with knee braces is also easy, as they are adjustable in the shin area, and the ventilation helps with heat management. Check them out here.

gaerne motocross boots

Atlas Carbon Shades Of Grey Neck Brace – Some pros don’t wear neck braces, but as said in the video below, better safe than sorry. This brace is 12% lighter than its predecessor and is unique because it uses a split-frame design in the rear, to allow natural movement of the shoulders. In the front, the suspension setup disperses energy at the point of contact across your body, to offer spine and neck protection. Check it out here.

atlas motocross neck brace

Bell Helmets Moto-9 Carbon Flex Helmet – This helmet is one of the best available on the market today. It uses three liners to protect you from injury from three common scenarios – low, mid, and high speed crashes – and is brought up to snell rating by its hardest liner. The liners are placed into six different pieces and move 5mm from each other, to decrease rotational force injuries caused by sliding injuries. The composite carbon shell keeps it lightweight and the layered designs, along with front vents, keeps air flowing easily through the helmet. Check it out here.


Outer Layers

The outer layers require efficiency, functionality, and comfort. This is also where your employ your own personal style into your gear. The functionality of the outer layers should be convenient and maintain your freedom while riding, because anything constrictive will affect your performance.

Thor Prime Fit Squad Jersey and Pants – The squad pants are made with stretch polyester spandex to offer extreme flexibility, along with strategic flex zones. This helps to accommodate knee braces and other gear. There is added leather in the lower half to help protect you from heat. The adjustable velcro allows for a sure fit. The squad jersey is made from four way stretch polyester and moisture wick fabric to help manage sweat. The sleeves fit tightly like a compression sleeve so that the “wind-flap” doesn’t occur and the jersey also has dedicated heat zones made from mesh. Check the Jersey out here, and pants here.


Oakley Airbrake Ryan Dungey Signature Series Blockpass MX Goggles – These goggles use impact resistant, uv and scratch resistant material. It’s naturally curved due to the injection molded process. Swapping lenses is easy and it offers a full range of view including a wide peripheral view. Every part in this goggle is replaceable to ensure the lifetime and the triple-layered foam is comfortable to wear and molds to the face.  Check them out here!

oakley motocross goggles

Thor Void Course Gloves – These are slip-on, lightweight gloves that are made from four-way stretch material with a fully perforated palm to give you control and flexibility on the handlebars. They simply look good, feel good, and come in a couple of different colors. Check them out here.

thor motocross gloves

We admit, some of this gear can get quite pricey. However, this review of the best motocross gear is intended expert use and maximum protection, and will not let you down when riding. It is meant to give you the edge in a close competition and offers the most protection for extreme riding. All of these are interchangeable with other products from the market, but these are tried and true – BY the experts FOR the experts. You know what they say – “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”. Hopefully you’ve found this list of the best motocross gear helpful. Check out the video below for a closer review of these products!

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Best Motocross Gear - Our Top Pics
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Best Motocross Gear - Our Top Pics
Check out our list of the best motocross gear to keep you safe, comfortable, and dry. Quality gear is a great investment - stay safe with our top pics!
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  1. I really like the chest piece you showed here. My son broke a collar bone last year riding and we don’t want it to happen again. This seems like it would be a great protective option.

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