AGV AX-8 EVO Helmet Review

AGV AX-8 EVO Helmet

AGV AX8 EVO Helmet

Looking at different crash helmets on the market, how does the AGV AX-EVO measure up? Based on Safety, Comfort, and Function, the AGV AX-8/EVO is definitely worth the money. Here’s why.


The all-important question is how did the AGV AX-8/EVO helmet do on the DOT testing? It actually got a superior rating of ECE 22.05 which is comparable to the Arai XD-4. For a crash helmet you don’t want to skimp on safety. When it comes to kids, racers or frequent riders a good rated helmet is critical. There has been evidence collected on Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy (CTE) in football players and chronic impact injuries in recent years. Just because most research has been done on football players doesn’t discount the findings’ connection to other sports with high impact injury risk. Any activity or sport with high risk of concussion and frequent injury to the head can put an individual at risk of getting (CTE). So from a medical standpoint, a good helmet can prevent injury to the head, neck and spine and prevent risk for (CTE).

Secondly, because the AGV AX-8/EVO has sizes XXS-XXXL and three shell sizes, the helmet fits snug and keeps the movement of the head and neck to a minimum. It is always important for parents to get a helmet that fits a child well. If there are gaps, a child is at risk for impact injuries. Over 23,000 nonfatal injuries a year are reported by the CDC from off-roading accidents. Over 70% of off-roading accidents happen in people under 16 years of age. 12-15 year olds had the highest amount of injuries in off-roading accidents. This is why helmets especially for kids are so important.

The AGV AX-8/EVO has different internal padding and a changed chin guard shape. This design meant to reduce any interference with a neck protector. This keeps down the risk of head trauma during impact. The chin guard is larger and softer creating a shock absorber bottom edge. It can decrease the level of injury during an accident.

Lastly, the design of the AGV AX-8/EVO to impede air flow that can cause lift under the helmet is as good as the Arai XD-4. With a good fit this helmet is about as good as it gets for the price.

AGV AX8 Evo Helmet


So how does the AGV AX-8/EVO compare to the Arai XD-4 in terms of function? The AGV AX-8/EVO has a wide aperture that gives a better range of vision. It also comes with a peak that is adjustable and removable. Extra screws and blanking plates are included in the box. The peak actually blocks out the sun well compared to other helmets of lesser value and to the Arai XD-4.

The helmet is coated in anti-fog coating with mixed reviews on how well it fared. However, the coating does protect the helmet for the life of the helmet. Some rated the helmet’s visibility as above average, while others had a tepid reception.

The chin straps are actually better than the Arai XD-4, according to web Bike World. The AGV AX-8/EVO has longer straps that fit well for any rider and it holds the snap for the other end of the chin strap.

So how is ventilation on the AGV AX-8/EVO? Web Bike World and Billy’s Crash Helmets rated it better than the Arai XD-4. It has a single chin vent with open/close slider that was deemed better than the awkward placement of the Arai XD-4. The slider is also easier to work with gloves on as a bonus! There are also two forehead vents which have advantages and disadvantages. The one drawback is that what makes the chin vent so user friendly, cannot be said for the forehead vents.

The only negatives that were reported were the ear fittings didn’t have enough room for an intercom system and the helmet aperture may be too large to fit goggles. For both issues, it is recommended to try a different shell to accommodate an inter com system. As for the goggles’ issue, try goggles on the helmet before purchase to get the right fit.

AGV AX8 EVO Helmet


As far as comfort, the AGV AX-8/EVO has some features that do give it an advantage. The lining is washable and is a Dri-Lex fabric that wicks moisture away from the skin and is antibacterial. It is suitable for high mileage.

The helmet also comes with a breath guard and a chin curtain that can be removed.

Finally, the AGV AX-8/EVO is 30% less than the Arai XD-4 and you get much more for the price range.

Yes, a helmet is a good investment especially if you are a parent, an aggressive rider or racer and the AGV AX-8/EVO definitely fits the bill!

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