8 Lake Toys You Need This Summer

8 Lake Toys You Need This Summer

It seems as if the minute summer is over, we begin the countdown for next summer. Along with the countdown, comes the premature planning of activities and summer plans. Many times, these new plans include new experiences and new toys. I’d say that’s true, especially more so for us “outdoorsy” types. There’s just something about that new un-boxing fever that gets us hooked. Fortunately for us, this video demos some pretty insane toys for your lake or ocean outings.

1.  Subwing

subwing water toy

First up, we have the subwing. Invented by an 18 year old, the design aspect of it is truly innovative. It’s hard to believe he was able to come up with this at such a young age, but he the idea developed from tying a piece of wood to a tow rope. (Gotta start somewhere, right?). As the product came into fruition, a split design was added and better materials used. If you want one of your own, you can check them out at their website here.

2.  Wokart

wokart water gokart

Next, we have the wokart. Remember going to boomers and running straight to the go kart track? Yeah, well that nostalgia is back – only this time on water! The design aspect of this product is pretty forward-thinking. They were able to use a mid-place engine design to stabilize the craft and make it actually handle like a go kart. Oh, and it goes about 47 mph on the water! Visit their website here.

3.  Jetsurf

jetsurf water toy

This next product, is a favorite around the world. It quickly gained traction due to the company’s marketing tactics and viral youtube videos. As a surfer, you’re always bummed out if there’s no waves – or maybe you’d like to surf, but for us landlocked folk, how possible is that on a lake? The JetSurf truly solves a problem and does it well. It’s lightweight design and functionality make this the most practical on the list, although the price is anything but. Check them out here.  If you’re looking for a more affordable option in a similar package, check out the Aquinami JetSURF on Amazon.

4.  Jetovator

Jetovater watersports toy

Cyclists have one of the most tight-knit communities out there. Not to mention, they don’t mind spending quite a bit to have great gear. Next step? Take cycling to the water! The Jetovator offers a one or two person design to ride their water-bike. The jet propulsion system is powered by a jetski and tricks aren’t easy. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t attempt any, though. It’s cool because it offers a seat alternative to the abundance of jetski powered toys these days.  Check out the Jetovator here.

5.  JetLev Flyer

jetlev flyer

Speaking of which, the JetLev Flyer is another jet powered system. If you’ve seen the jet packs in the movies, this is pretty darn close to the real thing. Two seperate jets push water out on each side to move you in any direction. The control aspect of this toy seems to be the most fun. The advanced daredevils seem to like flipping in the air with this bad boy, although I wouldn’t try it. Check them out here.

6.  Flyboard

flyboard watersports toy

The last in the jet ski powered group is probably the most famous. You’ve seen the viral videos on facebook for sure, and if you haven’t, you should! Flyboarding has turned into an extreme sport worldwide and competitions stem locally all the way up to red bull. The pros make double back flips and barrel rolls look like cake, but in reality, it’s a tough sport to get into. Most resort locations have them if water is around, so next time you’re on vacation, I urge you to take a ride. You won’t regret it!  For a more affordable alternative, check out the Azbro Waterboard here.

7.  Seabob

seabob watersports toy

Up next, we have the Seabob. This animal changed the sea scooter game. Luckily for us, it beats sea-doo and competitors out of the water, (literally) and is designed to look more like a mini version of a jetski. Their propulsion system models after a jetski and changes up the rotation fan design of most competitors. You can take it down to about 100 ft (great for divers) or just snorkel around like the true lazy person it was meant for. Either way, they’re pretty cool. Check them out here.

8.  Seabreacher

seabreacher watersports toy

Last but not least, we have the SeaBreacher. This is the ultimate toy you can show off to your friends. It’s custom built for each customer and is quite the feat within itself. Think of a submarine, power boat, and freestyle jetski all in one. Didn’t think it was possible, did ya? The interior can be as extravagant or simple as you’d like, but this thing gets the job done. It’s fast, flies out of the water, and can do barrel rolls right across the surface like a flying shark (Literally, check the pic). Check them out here, although if you plan on buying, you should bring your big checkbook.

These aren’t the cheapest toys you could bring to your summerfest extravaganza, but they’re worth it. They’re sure to turn some heads and have you leaving with some unforgettable memories. Who said money couldn’t buy happiness?

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8 Lake Toys You Need This Summer
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8 Lake Toys You Need This Summer
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